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Machine Vision Trends – Quality Magazine

A look at the most talked-about machine vision technologies, their practical uses and limitations, and which will have a long-lasting impact on your current and fixture applications.

Written by David Dechow, Integro’s Principal Vision Systems Architect


Quality Magazine“What’s trending?” is a phrase that has become ubiquitous in our social and business consciousness. A trend is a prevailing tendency that might (or might not) have long-term implications. What’s #trending on Twitter can be so fleeting that by the time you mention it someone will say “that’s so last hour’s news.” Alternately, something that was a trend may cease being “trendy” and become essential (e.g. computers, internet, smart phones, etc.). Trends can be based on statistical evidence (sales numbers, market results, YouTube views), molded by prevailing opinion, or even built by media coverage or marketing initiatives that create buzz around a product or idea.

For this discussion, “What’s trending?” in machine vision comes from personal observation—and opinion—of the market and the level of publicity apparent in recent media and marketing. To be clear, most trends in machine vision originate with competent and useful new or evolving technologies.

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