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Machine Vision

Machine Vision Integration Systems

Machine vision systems have become vital in the manufacturing industry. But many people wonder, “What is a Machine Vision System?”

Increased quality control demands of consumers, manufacturers, and government regulations make the need for machine vision technology imperative.

Machine Vision Systems leverage technology and experience to provide automated image-based (camera) inspection and analysis for applications such as gauging, reading text, process control, and robot guidance.

Machine vision is also known as “industrial vision” or “vision systems.” The machine vision system can consist of a number of cameras, sometimes mounted over assembly lines to inspect products, capture data, read labels, direct product, and more, all without human intervention.

There are four basic machine vision applications: inspection, gauging, guidance, and identification.

Integro Technologies a machine vision company. Our team is highly skilled in providing manufacturers with the machine vision applications needed to acquire the most accurate data, increase production lines, increase profit margins, and reduce waste on assembly lines.


Below are just a few projects that Integro Technologies has designed and customized for their clients.

Container Inspection

This application by Integro Technologies is a 360° inspection of ice cream containers.

Data matrix is utilized to read and validate correct carton regardless of orientation. Operator selects a recipe and the system uses that to validate the 2D matrix data.

  • Inspection of lid to determine if absent, present and correct lid for that type of ice cream
  • Recipe driven system that is managed by the end user
  • User management system allows them to add people to the system using their RFID badges
  • Up to 400 PPM
  • Inspection metrics stored in SQL server DB
  • Fault data stored in SQL Server DB
  • User Login and Logout stored in SQL Server DB
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Glass Jar Defect Inspection

The system evaluates a glass jar with a 360-degree view for small cracks in the rim, cracks running along the side wall, cracks in the bottom, and foreign material such as cardboard and glass shards at 120ppm.

  • Foreign material and glass shard optical detection
    system with masked jar bottom molded features to
    eliminate false rejects
  • Automatic camera and image formation adjustments via
    linear servos for various part configurations via a single
    user interface
  • The camera positions as well as the trigger sensors are servo controlled to deal with differing diameters.
    They move automatically by an intuitive recipe selection. Recipes are very easily added, modified, and
  • Custom stainless steel structure and backlit conveyor solution for installation into an existing production
    line or a new production line
  • The system took two days to install and one day to test vision
  • The system was fully qualified and operational within 4 days
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Round Disk Inspection

This round disk surface inspection is an ideal vision system for 360 part inspection. This is a small machine with big results. This vision solution was custom designed to reduce the takt time required for part inspection. Each part is presented to a rotary stand by use of a 2 axis robot. Once placed onto the rotary stand, each transmissional seal is inspected 360 degrees in 3D form and can be utilized to inspect for an array of items including manufacturing defects and part specific registration marking.

  • 3D measurement with accuracy of 0.004mm
  • 100% full part handling
  • Full part inspection
  • High-speed and compact
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Cylindrical Bushing Internal Coating Verification and Dimensional Analysis System

This high speed, (300ppm) backlit, singulation, material handling, rejection tracking and verification system was designed for bulk feeding and orientation of 50 different sized part numbers with three (3) machine vision sensors.

  • Parts vary in height, diameter, flange size, and coating type and color
  • Automatic system adjustment via linear servos, VFD, and camera inspection programs
  • HMI allows for operator to select pre-programmed recipe for part features and/or create new product recipe for inspections
  • Part change over takes less than 30 seconds from inspection configuration manager
  • Two (2) inspection bins for various defect mode separation/sorting downstream of the three inspection points
  • Includes modified virtual motion axis tracking system and provides statistical data collection
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3D Micrometer Inspection

Using a 2.2 micrometer-sensitive 3D laser mounted to a 3-axis robot, several high-definition images are acquired and combined to generate a 3D point cloud.

This 1GB image is generated using key corner points to overlay 3D data from scan-to-scan.  Inspection consists evaluating 20,000 individual pin locations across each of 8 pin grid groups. Each pin is less than 100 square micrometers in size, and only 360 micrometers tall.  In addition to planarity, the inspection checks for x-y location, rotation, and pin deviation to within 10 micrometers. This entire process occurs in 90 seconds.

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Copper Fitting Inspection

From residential to industrial, these fittings are becoming common-place and offer peace of mind upon proper installation with lifetime guarantees.This customizable inspection machine offers full verification of part geometry and validation of O-ring placement and seating. Press-fit copper fittings are growing in market share for their ease of  installation.

Our inspection cell ensures that each part matches the configuration specified by the operator as well as ensuring that each press-fit O-ring has been properly placed inside of the press-fit bead.

  • 100% full part handling
  • Full part inspection
  • High-accuracy and customizable to client needs
  • On-site and remote support
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The Raptor

Gauging accuracy of 0.01mmUtilizing a combination of software, optical, and ultra-high resolution image formation technology, The Raptor is the single solution for precision 2D and 3D measuring. Materials can be measured from a wide variety of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Medical, Plastics, and Electronics. The Raptor is designed with exceptional optical capabilities in a single system for efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

  • 100% automatic inspection
  • Inline capable
  • Single target calibration procedure
  • Database archiving for analysis
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The Sidewinder

This base system may be upgraded with any of the other SideWinder product configurations. The SideWinder offers a variety of inspection groups that may be applied in any combination with a default of 10 vision tools per given inspection group. The system has been developed with proven Cognex vision technology. SideWinder Label Inspection System is designed to perform 100% verification of printed text and graphics at high speeds. Our base package provides the ultimate in label rewind technology and surpasses the competition in every performance category.

  • Automatic web reversal upon detection of failed inspection
  • Sets the point for removal by operator
  • Uniform rewind of label reels
  • Self-tensioning system in forward and reverse
  • Automatic and manual operation modes
  • Accurate label counting and tracking
  • Splice detection and tracking
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The Omniview Product Inspection System

This system acquires images from 4-5 cameras, and combines/stitches the images together to create a seamless undistorted image of a cylindrical  object’s surface. The OmniView completely eliminates the requirement to mechanically rotate parts to perform inspection tasks utilizing linescan imaging techniques.

Integro’s OmniView solution is ideal to satisfy the FDA’s pharmaceutical pedigree inspection requirements and part traceability applications. The technology can be applied to cylindrical and spherical objects.

  • Clam shelf design to expedite installation on existing material handling systems
  • Solid mechanics
  • Precision stages for rapid product change over and installation
  • Proven image acquisition platform
  • Mechanical fixturing for repeatable calibration procedure
  • Supports OCRMax
  • Customized HMI for customer inspection requirements
  • Eliminates material handling which could damage the product
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Tire Guardian

The Tire Guardian is a combination of two different machine vision applications that can be used individually or in sequence to assure tire assembly quality from the most common non-compliance issues.The Tire Guardian allows the automotive industry to use the most reliable and cost effective inspection methods to adhere to DOT regulations, while improving the quality of the overall tire assembly.

The first machine vision application is the DOT & Bead Seam Reader, which recognizes (OCR), verifies (OCV) & documents all DOT information located on the sidewall of the tire.  Within 15 seconds, the profile sensor projects a laser light across the surface of an automobile tire profile from the bead toward the tread.  When the profile sensor is applied to the bead area of a rotating tire the sensor digitizes the circumferential band that contains the DOT Code, Mold Code, E-Mark Code, or other molded-in features.

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