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Manufacturing is One Industry Benefiting from High-Speed Vision Inspection

Industries Realizing the Benefits of Machine Vision Intelligence

Within artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning is advancing industrial processes and tasks at record speeds through visual learning using “photos and videos, it can also mean data from thermal or infrared sensors and other sources,” as reported on Forbes. Deep learning machine vision has now “reached 99 percent accuracy.”

Various industries, as reported by Forbes: “Auto, Internet Software and Computer Hardware, Healthcare, Sports, Agricultural, and Manufacturing, are realizing amazing benefits behind the power of machine vision.

Manufacturing is discovering tremendous benefits that are allowing them to “run more safely, intelligently and effective in a variety of ways” including “predictive maintenance, packaging and product quality,” and less “defective products” are being realized using machine vision.

Precision of Lighting and Timing: Vital in High Speed Vision Inspection

What drives the success behind the intelligence of high-speed vision inspection is lighting and timing, as found on Metrology News. “Proper lighting” is vital for the “short bursts of high-intensity lighting” that a machine vision system requires to “effectively freeze the motion for inspection.”  The timing of the camera must be precisely synchronized to “consistently freeze the image of a moving part at the same location in the image while minimizing pixel blur.”

What Classifies a System as High Speed Vision Inspection?

High-speed machine vision, as reviewed on AIA, rates above 30 frames per second (fps). Again, time is reported to be “a major consideration.” “Bottling and web inspections” are presently two of the predominant processes utilizing high-speed inspection. A high-speed vision inspection system “can record image data at up to 15,000 fps in software and from multiple cameras.”

Integro Technologies: High-Speed Product Inspection Systems

At Integro Technologies, we are disrupting and redefining the machine vision solution market. We have over 600 clients worldwide, and we are a principal source for machine vision industrial applications.

  • High Speed Inspection
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  • Quality Checking
  • 3D Topography Imaging
  • ID Verification

We design and develop custom, high-speed product inspection systems. Call the Integro Team with your specific machine vision application needs and discover how we see what others can’t.