Medical Bag Inspection

The purpose of this application was to inspect colostomy bags in web form within final stations of the assembly process.


  • Two (2) different assembly lines
  • Two (2) stations per line
  • Two (2) cameras per station
  • Eight (8) total cameras
  • High precision inspection
  • The two (2) cameras at each station were required to share measurement data to verify the measurements were correct relative to each camera pair.
  • High output UV light sources were utilized to eliminate background noise and enhance features of interest to be inspected.


  • Replaced an outdated system that inspected a limited number of product features.
  • The new system measures and performs an increased number of inspection tasks while improving and increasing user functionality and ease of use.
  • System utilizes a single NIST calibration target to calibrate each camera relative to each other for data coordination and offset measurements.


*Application currently under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Therefore, photos cannot be displayed. Contact Integro Technologies for more information.