Incremental Counter Verification

The purpose of this application is to verify the correct three digits are present and aligned on the incremental counter on a medical inhaling device and verify assembly completion.  The incremental counter digits represent the number of device dosages that remain within the medical device.


  • Multiple inspections methods deployed within a single program.
  • Custom lighting solution permits the incremental counter digits to be visualized through a molded plastic window within the device.
  • System was integrated into an OEM rotary machine control system that assembles the medical device, tracks, and rejects the product at designated stations.


  • System ensures the proper number of doses is displayed to the end user out of the box.
  • The new system reduces potential production downtime associated with false failures due to improper/poor pattern match or OCR analysis by prior system.
  • The solution reduces the risk of a potential recall due to assembly verification of counter digits and active system actuation.

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