Universal Robotics

Neocortex-Automating Intelligence Software

Neocortex® by Universal Robotics is a new form of artificial intelligence that uses sensor information to learn. It discovers patterns in chaotic environments that are relevant to an assigned task. It then analyzes those patterns to understand complexity, improving process. It is based on technology originally co-developed between NASA and Vanderbilt University.

It is unlike any other technology. The software is independent of any hardware, allowing it be used for a host of applications from data analysis to robot and motor control. It uses sensor information to discover multi-dimension patterns in dynamic environments.

By automatically handling a wide range of constantly changing parts, Neocortex reduces the need for manual change-overs.

Universal is utilizing Neocortex in the Unlimited Random DepalletizationRandom Bin Picking and Random Bag Moving applications.

 Neocortex Features

  • Universal RoboticsLearns new attributes of never before seen SKU’s
  •  Does not become outdated
  •  Reacts to changes in objects and the environment
  •  Remote expert support with cloud-based backup
  •  Provides ongoing volume-based efficiency metrics
  •  Includes software upgrades
  •  Less than 24 month ROI

Neocortex at the workcell provides volume throughput analysis. Material volume flow is analyzed by tracking physical objects on each pallet or in each bin, resulting in loading and unloading densities, speeds by time of day, shift, SKU, and vendor. This provides additional information for better decision making such as load balancing and better pallet densities.

Neocortex keeps track of every object it encounters with enough specificity to identify an object’s shape, volume, labels, and damage (if any). Data with this level of granularity is used to improve stacking for storage and trailer loading, warehouse throughput sequencing, object damage reporting, and reusable container tracking.

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Source: http://www.universalrobotics.com/neocortex