Offline Portable Learning System

Machine Vision training is in demand than ever before, but finding sufficient time on the manufacturing line is not always possible. This can cause downtime related to poorly trained vision users. Integro’s Offline Portable Learning System is the perfect solution when line time and training space is limited. This mobile system can be moved into a conference room, shop floor, or anywhere with a standard door. It’s durability and compact size also allows for manufacturing training such as PLC training as well.

Integro’s designers created the system to be flexible to simulate the mounting positions of the existing line cameras that can also be used for new project testing. This allows the training system to provide the same knowledge and skill outcomes as training on an in-line system without the associated downtime and risk. This Offline Portable Learning System fills an important role in today’s machine vision training needs.

The Offline Portable Learning System allows learners to understand fundamental vision components such as lens, light, camera, wiring and fundamental software as well as as measurement tools (calipers), detection tools (blobs), and character reading tools. Learners will acquire skills and have a safe-place to learn maximizing your machine uptime and increasing quality control standards.

With the Offline Portable Learning System, users will be able to master:

  • How to connect the In-Sight camera to the network
  • Capture an image with the camera
  • Calibrate the image using real-world measurements
  • Utilize Locator Tools to find parts
  • Inspect parts using various tools such as Presence/Absence, Measurement, Counting, and ID
  • Utilize the Image Filter Tools in the job
  • Configure a Discrete Input and a Discrete Output line
  • Utilize the proper network communications for the job
  • Utilize various tools available to deploy the system, such as backing up and restoring cameras
  • Apply the fundamentals of lighting and optics to gain a good image of the part
  • Troubleshoot when the camera/network/tools are not working as expected
  • Navigate through a spreadsheet
  • Create basic mathematical formulas involving If & And functions
  • Implement fixturing in an In-Sight job
  • Implement the core vision tools, including pattern recognition, histogram, blob, and edge tools
  • Setup different forms of communication: discrete I/O and network communications
  • Create a Custom View in a job
  • Learn fundamentals of lighting and optics

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