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OmniView Cylindrical 360-degree Product Inspection System

The Omniview Product Inspection System acquires images from 4-5 cameras, and combines/stitches the images together to create a seamless undistorted image of a cylindrical  object’s surface. OmniView completely eliminates the requirement to mechanically rotate parts to perform inspection tasks utilizing linescan imaging techniques.Integro’s OmniView solution is ideal to satisfy the FDA’s pharmaceutical pedigree inspection requirements and part traceability applications. The technology can be applied to cylindrical and spherical objects.

OmniView Features

  • Clam shelf design to expedite installation on existing material handling systems
  • Solid mechanics
  • Precision stages for rapid product change over and installation
  • Proven image acquisition platform
  • Mechanical fixturing for repeatable calibration procedure
  • Supports OCRMax
  • Customized HMI for customer inspection requirements
  • Eliminates material handling which could damage the product.

Integro OmniView Advantages

  • Handles random part rotation 360-degrees, tilt, and position.
  • Entire cylindrical objects circumference is inspected at one time.
  • 100% non-contact inspection at production rates up to 1200ppm, at standard resolution.
  • Streamlined Integro Technologies mechanical design scalable to various part sizes.
  • LED Lighting Solution for optimum long-term performance and maintenance.
  • Precision mechanics for installation and system calibration and setup.
  • Customized Integro Technologies HMI based on customer’s inspection requirements and applied toolset.
  • Full Range of supported Communication protocols and tools.

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