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Organizational Benefits of 3D Inspection on Manufacturing Lines

3D inspection technology adds another dimension for inspecting parts and products. Quality control is improved with the capability of evaluating the internal and external part components. 3D inspection technology increases the number of high-quality parts for safer product production.

Robotics has been delivering various manufacturing processes with the means to increase production by replacing the mundane tasks to run without any downtime at a faster pace compared to the human process. When you combine robotic technology and automation with the power of 3D vision inspection, you move into the Industry 4.0 Revolution. Now you can efficiently run your inspection line process with increased accuracy and output of quality parts with less downtime through advanced, digital inspection.

3D Inspection Making Industry Impacts

Having the capability to quickly identify changes in product shape, size or orientation, along inspection lines, can now be easily accomplished with robots combined with 3D Machine vision that may never be detected by the human eye.

Construction Materials – Realizing the Speed

The capability to place parts on fast-moving conveyor belts can increase production in the construction materials industry. Machine vision inspection and robotics application are equipped with the 3D technology to quickly select the appropriate parts that need to be accurately placed down on the conveyor belt with remarkable speed.

Metal Components – Reducing the Defects

Now, 3D inspection technology delivers the means to reduce scrapped or defective end-use components that plague the metal components manufacturing. With this advanced technology, you can tackle the challenges of identifying defects at the multiple stages of the manufacturing process.  Several of our partnered organizations offer advanced, inspection application solutions.

Medical Devices/IV Bags/Tubing/ETC – Shipping out Quality

Improvement of quality is now being realized as reported in surgical tubing production.  Numerous challenges face the medical manufacturing industry from the liability of defective products to worldwide competition. Advanced technology mitigates defective products from shipping out.

One of our strategic partners, Cognex, “offers the widest range of vision and ID products available from a single source to provide you with a solution for every application and budget.”

Integro Technologies – Providing Superior Vision Inspection Benefits and Solutions

At Integro Technologies, we understand “for many executives, this push to embrace innovation is perplexing due to the constant deluge of exciting new technologies,” as reported on Forbes. The Integro Technologies team works with a wide range of manufacturing industries, and we make it our responsibility to help our customers avoid the common, costly pitfalls of wasting time with inaccurate technology integrations.

By integrating advanced technology into your manufacturing process, you empower your organization to improve production efficiencies while delivering exciting, employee education and increasing customer satisfaction. Learn how the Integro team will set your manufacturing process up to grow your market presence with the confidence of advanced technology innovations.