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Yamaha Robotics

Yamaha YRG Robotics logoIntegro Technologies is an authorized integration partner of Yamaha Robotics.

Integro Technologies, a world leader in machine vision and systems integration technology, has a strong partnership agreement with Yamaha Robotics to develop innovative and cutting-edge products for the machine vision industry.

Yamaha Robotics is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial SCARA, Cartesian, Pick & Place, and Single-Axis robots.

Authorized Integration YamahaYamaha Robotics’ robot line includes standard, clean room, wall mount, and ceiling mount models, while their wide array of controllers include traditional PC-based models.

“Vision inspection applications have been on the rise for the past decade in factory automation, and more customers are demanding higher quality control protocols. Machine vision and robotics are two separate kinds of technologies that, when interfaced together to coexist in a single turnkey engineered system, offer a very flexible automated solution. The partnership between Integro Technologies and Yamaha Robotics ultimately means saving our customers money while increasing their production efficiency,” said Chris Elston, Senior Controls Engineer for Yamaha Robotics.

Integro Technologies is offering its customers an opportunity to simplify the automation process by integrating Yamaha Robotics’ Cartesian robots into custom designed machine vision applications. The use of these robots saves on cost, training, and maintenance along production lines.
Cartesian robotics are ideal for applications that require exceptional precision and repeatability, like material handling and material removal applications. Because they operate simplistically, they are able to function optimally, which increases production as well as the level of uniformity of the work pieces.

“The machine vision industry is rapidly growing, and our partnership with Yamaha Robotics will allow us to join forces, innovate, and provide quality solutions for a variety of consumer applications. Together, we are broadening our market potential, and we highly value the experience and expertise that cartesian.egg_0efebYamaha Robotics brings to our partnership,” said Shawn Campion, President of Integro Technologies.

The partnership between Integro Technologies and Yamaha Robotics signals a state-of-the-art collaboration to advance robotic-based applications with flexible automated solutions.

Below is a solution by Integro Technologies utilizing Yamaha Robotics.