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Pharmaceutical Machine Vision Integration Services

Welcome to Integro Technologies, a preferred pharmaceutical industry vendor. Integro is your one-stop source for machine vision integration services, hardware, consulting, and training.

Since its founding in 2001, Integro Technologies has cultivated strategic partnerships with recognized machine vision suppliers, and we continuously provide superior product solutions for the most challenging applications.

We are an Advanced Imaging Association (AIA) Certified Integrator, 1 of only 10 internationally, and many of our integrators are AIA Certified Vision Professionals.

We are a Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI) that is fully-trained and authorized on Cognex’s entire product line, and we have been recognized as the TOP Cognex PSI in the world. We are certified vision integrators for Keyence, Universal Robotics (3D systems) and SICK. Our other partnerships include MVtec, KUKA Robotics, MORITEX, and Yamaha Robotics.

Machine Vision Solutions for Pharma and Medical

Today’s production lines utilize the latest in automation technology to ensure manufacturing quality to meet FDA compliance.  For these demanding applications, machine vision systems are widely used to verify codes, determine package integrity and provide product traceability within all areas of the supply chain.

Nearly every portion of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process requires some form of machine vision inspection.  The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world with quality requirements at 100%.

Whether testing colored pills, syringes for missing or broken components, data matrix codes, or labeling, pharmaceutical manufacturers depend on sophisticated machine vision technology to meet rising volume demands for product inspection.

Just a few examples:

Integro Technologies is here to meet your pharmaceutical and medical vision inspection needs. With over 750+ cumulative years of machine vision experience, our knowledgeable and professional team will guide you through your project’s requirements.

Products Available from Integro Technologies

Find products available from Integro Technologies including Advanced IlluminationBaslerCCS AmericaCognex, Edmund Optics, GardasoftMetaphaseMidwest OpticsMitsubishi ElectricMoritexNavitarOpto EngineeringSmart Vision Lights, and Swivellink.

Machine Vision Services Available from Integro Technologies

Integro Technologies provides turnkey  and customized vision inspection solutions and machine vision consulting for label and product packaging, container inspection, glass bottle inspection, food package seal inspection, label verification, plastic container inspection, contents inspection, and more.

Integro Technologies has one of the most dedicated field service workforces in the machine vision industry.  Whether you require system start-up, equipment servicing, emergency response, turnkey solutions or in-house staff support, Integro Technologies will meet your needs.

The following are some highlights of  our comprehensive field service capabilities:

  • Access to a network of regional sales engineers
  • Quick response for emergency repairs
  • Preventive maintenance service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation and relocation of machine vision equipment
  • System/process optimization
  • Equipment and system audits
  • On-site supervision
  • Status on system conditions
  • Full service & maintenance agreement
  • Overall machine vision consulting

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