Plastic Container Vision Inspection Machine

This plastic container vision inspection machine was developed to inspect 100% of the internal and external surfaces of a cylindrical container for foreign contamination and discoloration.  The cylindrical containers are delivered to the inspection system, singulated and ready for image processing.

  • 7 machine vision sensors are utilized to inspect all of the containers’ surfaces (interior and exterior). A special 360 degree optical lens is used to inspect the interior of the part with one lens.
  • Defects as small  as  0.2 mm square millimeters are detected and identified by the machine vision software at production rates exceeded in 350 parts per minute.
  • The system was designed for 100mm Dia and 100mm tall parts, but can be adjusted to handle much smaller and larger part types.
  • A backlite conveyor section permits high accuracy gauging of the roundness/ovality of the container orifice.
  • A vacuum conveyor section is utilized to suspend the container over an upward looking container to complete the underside inspection for contamination.
  • High pressure air jets are utilized to reject the parts from the production line.  Each part rejected is verified to be removed form the production line by high speed photoeye curtains.
  • Top of the bottom upward looking contain are utilized to present the containers in the required position.

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