Production Logistics Solutions Efficiently Move the Lines

Production logistics is the management of materials or products from shelf to completion for outbound transport. Throughout the manufacturing or warehousing process, the main goal is to efficiently move materials and products to the right place at the right time without defects or delays affecting customer orders.

Current Manufacturing and Warehousing Challenges

We’re at the midpoint of 2020, and it is a year blindsided by an unexpected disruption, COVID-19. With an already tight labor market, COVID-19 adds to this existing problem and the other challenges for manufacturing and warehousing operations.

Production Logistics Technologies Tackle the Challenges for Today and the Future

At Integro Technologies, we are the leader in machine vision integration solutions by partnering with world leaders in vision technology, systems integration, and  robotics. Integrating these advanced technologies, we design and develop the solutions to work through all phases of manufacturing or warehousing.


Production logistics are vital to manufacturing operations, involving moving materials and products between factories and warehouses.  Coordinating the different stages of production is a complex organization of processes. We are leading the way in manufacturing robotics and automation solutions that can speed up the production process with the accuracy needed to deliver positive results to the bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.


Specifically for warehousing production logistics, we can help you integrate the machine vision technologies by Cognex, “the world’s leading provider of vision systems, software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation.”

  • Pick and pack sorting solutions offer time and accuracy enhancements utilizing image-based barcode readers.
  • Print and apply is the solution to “identify and resolve label printing and placement problems.”
  • Warehousing productivity can improve integrating the Cognex image-based barcode readers.
  • Automated sorting enables a facility to “deliver the right package to the right place at the right time.”

For complete logistics solutions, contact the team at Integro Technologies to see how we can help your manufacturing or warehousing operation integrate advanced machine vision technologies. Tackle the challenges today and set up the solutions to successfully adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.