Rivet Inspection

This vision system inspects rivets, springs, flange tabs, and other parts on a torque converter clutch (TCC) assembly. The TCC is inspected on both surfaces with a cycle time of 12 seconds.

Features of the Rivet Inspection System:

  • Performs 3D metrology on surfaces of a TCC
  • Average standard deviation of measured features is 0.005 mm, ensuring high repeatability
  • Performs inspections of up to 17 failure modes across 6 types of TCC assemblies
  • Extensive result database for storing measured data for future IoT implementation
  • Replaces expensive and difficult to maintain rivet checking machines implementing LVDTs which only checks for rivet heights as opposed to 16 additional checksperformed by Integro’s machine
  • Change over time is 3s versus 30 mins to 60 mins for existing machines


rivet inspection


View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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