Secure Manufacturing – Trace Users and Data with VisionVault

User Traceability and Data Archiving

The world is becoming more interconnected than ever before through the internet and industry is no exception. Years ago, most internet devices were personal computers and while businesses were quick to see the value in networking, interconnected manufacturing equipment is a recent development. Networked machine vision equipment adds obvious value to a manufacturing process. Technicians and engineers can log in from anywhere in the world to tweak, diagnose, or simply check on process operations. While remote accessibility increases efficiency and minimizes downtime, networked vision systems present unique security challenges that are not easily addressed by traditional means.

A hacked vision system can do more than temporarily interrupt operations. It can result in damaged, unusable product or even cause damage to the actual manufacturing equipment. Either way, security breaches will hurt your bottom line. Integro Technologies understands the challenges faced by manufacturers using networked vision systems and now offers VisionVault for use on the Cognex In-Sight Platform to help maintain access security.

VisionVault allows equipment owners to set parameters around a group of unique usernames and passwords that are used by individual Cognex devices. Specifically, VisionVault allows owners to manage access with Microsoft Active Directory. Owners can set allow access using typed input or RFID badge and operators with rights can access read only data from an internet browser. Owners can control rights assigned to certain users based on training, job type, or other attributes providing the flexibility needed to update access in near real time.

VisionVault uses an industry standard network-architecture and runs on Windows 7 or greater operating systems. The software is FDA compliant and meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. It may be accessed using popular web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. VisionVault also fully integrates with the VisionView 900 operator interface, making it usable across a variety of local and remote platforms.

Security is imperative in today’s networked world. Ensure the continued reliability and quality of your process by integrating VisionVault into your machine vision system.

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