Sorting with Hyperspectral Imaging

Integro Technologies has partnered with Specim Spectral to offer the SpecimONE spectral imaging platform which revolutionizes hyperspectral technology adaptation to industrial sorting applications. With SpecimONE machine builders, vision systems integrators and other OEM’s can classify different materials based on their spectral signature off-line and apply those classification models into your in-line system in real-time. The result is a new industrial sorting application without coding or in-depth knowledge of spectral imaging.

Meat fish and poultry

Identify and remove bone, cartilage, plastics, wood, rubber, metal, or parasites. HSI can also measure the products chemical composition, including fat, protein and water content and meat tenderness.

Dried food – nuts and cereals

Detect discoloration or mold, identify and remove foreign objects like shell pieces, wood, stones and insects. Spectral imaging can identify different nut types such as almonds, cashew, walnuts, pistachio, peanuts.

Fruits berries and vegetables

Detect blemishes and bruising under the skin, measure ripeness and chemical quality, independent of the fruit color and size. It can also identify foreign materials such as wood, paper, metal or insects. Achieve better quality, ripe products with optimized shelf life, and reduce losses and waste.

Food packaging – heat seal inspection

Detect any contamination between the seal and the transparent or color printed package to identify if it is no longer airtight. As a result, air and contaminants such as molds, fungus or bacteria can enter the package and deteriorate the product well before the expiration date.

Seed and grain

Predict protein content, remove contamination, characterize the consistency and produce quality.


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