Structural Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing Bead Verification

Predator3D is the latest 3D machine vision technology from Coherix for structural adhesive and dispensing sealant bead inspection. Smart, automatic and affordable, Coherix is leveraging its SHARK platform technology, 3D experience, and i-Cite software to bring this low-cost, high-performance 3D bead inspection solution to market.

The size, shape, position and quality of beads are critical to assure structural integrity. To provide reliable inspection results, Predator3D measures and inspects bead height, width (volume) and position continuously. It also detects skips and neckdowns where material is deposited with insufficient volume.


  • Smart continuous 100% bead tracking and measurement
  • 3D bead visualization, analysis and reporting
  • Easy setup with flexible zone based criteria
  • Intuitive for users
  • Compact, light-weight robust sensor head
  • Simple to retrofit to existing dispensing systems
  • Configurable for robot and pedestal mounting
  • Coherix Core Software Platform and Embedded i-Cite software
  • Coherix SHARK Multi Imager Architecture
  • Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 interface options

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