Testimonials from Customers and Partners


MVTec Software GmbH logo“MVTec is honored and excited to welcome Integro Technologies to our Certified Integration Partner program.  Integro Technologies has proven their proficiency in solving complex 2D and 3D machine vision challenges from a variety of industries using the MVTec HALCON software.  Equipped with the comprehensive and performance-optimized capabilities of HALCON, Integro Technologies is well positioned to address the full spectrum of machine vision challenges and open new doors for machine vision automation across many industries. With our new partnership, MVTec looks forward to supporting Integro Technologies’ ability to offer world-class machine vision solutions to their customers.”

~ John Campbell, North American Sales Manager for MVTec, LLC.



“Integro Technologies has been phenomenal to work with. They understand the applications and are able to communicate the expectations and limitations of a solution. Integro truly is a team of professionals in the vision and integration field.”

~ Chad McBride, Engineering Manager at Schaeffler Group North America


“Having worked with the Integro team since 2009, I can only say that I have the utmost respect for the company. It has been easy to work with the Integro staff as they are knowledgeable and understand tPhase1_Logohe industrial vision and camera technologies being used in today’s applications. They have the ability to understand the end users’ requirements and provide a solution for that customer and create a product that could be deployed to other customers within that market segment. The ability to be nimble and make changes to a design quickly is another benefit to the Integro team.”

~Randy Ponce de Leon, Phase 1 Technology


Alcon logo“Integro is a company rarely found in today’s market.  Integro is a Leading Vision System Integrator because they know what they can do, they clearly tell you what will be done, how it will operate, and then complete the project on time, on budget, and it works, period.  They really care about doing things right!”

~ Thomas DuPriest, Principal Automation Engineer for Alcon Labs


“IntCCS America Logo for Websiteegro’s extensive experience in varying applications is of great value to clients. Integro always offers high quality systems with flexible engineering works. Integro exceeds customers’ expectations with professionalism and expertise.”

~Shuji Moritmoto, President of CCS America



“Integro is on the cutting-edge of vision integration, particularly because of their vast experience. ThGardasofte competence required to be a full-service machine vision integrator is significant. Integro has clearly attracted and maintained the talent necessary for a stellar team.”

~John Merva, Vice President of Gardasoft LLC North America

Blue Moritex Logo


“At MORITEX, we are a manufacturer of optics and lighting and Integro is a valued partner and integrator. Shawn Campion has been an excellent person to work with because he possesses the unique combination of visionary genius and practical engineer. He can see all the possibilities and determine which has the best option of working.

At Integro, employees carry themselves with confidence and humility always striving to achieve what is best for their customer. Integro is a leading integrator because they are able to stretch the limits of what is possible by never compromising on accuracy and repeatability and selecting to work with the leading manufactures for optics, lighting, cameras, and software. “

~ Steven Pereira, Senior Sales Manager for MORITEX North America



OptoEngineering“Shawn is not only a brilliant engineer with a profound understanding of technology and a sharp mind for business but, most important, a leader with a vision. All the people at Integro we worked with have been a pleasure to deal with, both personally and professionally.

Integro understands extremely well how the industry operates as well as the advantages and limitations of a particular technology. This allows them to be comfortable even with extremely challenging applications and to offer cutting edge solutions that perform exactly as promised.

You can’t build a great company without great people and the Team at Integro is fantastic: strong work ethics, deep technical know-how and a natural ability to relate to others. All this combined with extensive knowledge of different industries make Integro a leading integrator and an exciting company to work with.”

~ Luca Palleschi, General Manager, Opto Engineering



carefusion“We are thrilled to announce that the validation of the vision system designed by Integro Technologies was completed successfully.

During the validation, the vision system was challenged by processing almost 14,000 parts, all of those parts were subjected to various levels of visual inspection ranging from sampling of a few parts, to 100% inspection under magnification resulting in zero defects.

We would also like to thank Integro for your service and excellent customer support. We are looking forward to strengthen our relationship with Integro!”

~ Einar Leon, Principal Manufacturing Engineer for CareFusion


“Integro has built and supported multiple turn-key vision inspection systems for our use inspecting some of our small plastic injection molded components.

ITWLogoEveryone I’ve come in contact with at Integro has shown themselves to be professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing the end product we require.  Additionally, since it is not uncommon in our industry for the need to make 11th hour changes, Integro has proven to be flexible and accommodating in making sure their final product will meet our final need.

There are many companies that build machine automation that can also add vision to the project.  Integro is the first company we’ve used whose primary purpose is vision, yet with the ability to build a fully customized handling system around that vision.”

~ Jim Macier, Automation Manager for ITW Powertrain Components



PG“Integro installed a new vision system for our company that enables us to verify we are putting out a quality product. Jon Howard, Alex Freeze, and team, were very knowledgeable and supportive all the way from conception of the project to actual installation. They also took the time to train our operations team and create job aids on functionality of the vision system. Jon and Alex were very flexible and were able to support our operations at a last minute’s notice. With an ever-changing manufacturing environment, this flexibility is critical. The vision system functions as intended, and we are very pleased with the product. I plan to continue my business with their company.”

~Haley Hanes, L-Line Process Leader for Procter & Gamble


View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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