Thermal, Infrared, and X-Ray Vision Inspection Systems

Manufacturers are seeking production line solutions that minimize human error and drive down production costs. For many companies, special imaging solutions such as X-Ray, Infrared, and Thermal inspection systems are vital as they must be customized to meet specific production line criteria as well as industry compliance.

For example, in the food industry, it is vital to carefully control the temperature of perishable goods throughout production, transportation, storage, and sales. Process control is essential, and because this involves a human factor, food manufacturers need solutions and thermal and infrared imaging cameras are being installed to automate and monitor critical production steps.

Another special imaging solution includes the use of X-Ray vision. X-Ray machine vision systems are being utilized for production inspection, quality control, and process-control systems to locate obscure defects in solid objects in industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and electronics.

The range of applications using X-Ray, Infrared, and Thermal inspection systems is constantly growing. This technology allows manufacturers to substantially increase the quality of their products and minimize waste by quickly pinpointing defects and their causes.

Integro Technologies specializes in highly-specific verification needs including x-ray fuel tank linkage verification, x-ray air bag assembly verification, thermal safety seal inspection and more.