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Tire Inspection System

The patented Tire Guardian Series allows the automotive industry to use the most reliable & cost effective methods to comply with US DOT and other regulatory bodies worldwide.

The Tire GuardianTire Guardian System Unseated Wheel Series is a combination of two different machine vision applications that can be used individually or in sequence to assure tire assembly quality from the most common non-compliance issues.

  • Rim ID: Verifies the correct rim/tire arrangement.
  • DOT & Bead Seam Reader: Reads, verifies, and documents all DOT information located on the sidewall of the tire.
  • Also verifies the size, speed rating, manufacturer, directional arrow for directional tires, and inspects for certain tire deformities

Within 15 seconds, a laser light is projected across the sidewall surface of a rotating automobile tire, and a profile sensor digitizes the circumferential band that contains the DOT Code, Mold Code, E-Mark Code, and other molded-in features. The outputs are formatted into a video signal, which are transformed onto a computer screen. The digitized tire data is then analyzed by the Tire Guardian, processed, accepted/rejected and stored for each tire assembly.

The Tire Guardian Series:

  • Verifies Rim/Tire Arrangement
  • OCR & OCV DOT Data, Speed Rating, Direction, Manufacturer, and Size
  • Inspects for Tire Deformities
  • 15 Second Cycle Times

Tire Guardian RimID Interface2

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