Tube Vision Inspection System

Anaconda Machine Vision Inspection Integro TechnologiesThe Tube Vision Inspection System (The Anaconda) is designed to inspect continuous material (e.g. surgical tubing, cable, wire) at production speeds in excess of 600 feet per minute. The base Anaconda system provides easy-to-use inspection software with a variety of inspection options. They may be applied to meet or exceed your visual inspection requirements. The system has been developed with proven Cognex vision technology.

The continuous inspection technology of the Anaconda base package provides improved process data compared to laser systems. The system also provides storage of failed images for utilization in troubleshooting and process refinements.

Integro Anaconda

The HMI screen capture from tube inspection system

The system provides reliable 100% vision inspection of your product’s outside and inside dimensions and flaw detection at production speeds.

The system occupies a small amount of space and allows for the continuous processing of materials. The system can be configured to track defects or use time-based delays to fire outputs for active cutting. The base system can be upgraded with any of the other Anaconda product configurations.

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