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Industry 4.0: Machine vision’s role in the smart factory

Vision Systems Design Magazine
February 27, 2019
11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
Approximately one hour.

In recent years, the “smart factory” concept that arose from Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) topics has become an increasingly popular term. Smart factories, via IIoT enabling technologies, have the potential to improve productivity, reduce waste and downtime, and optimize manufacturing processes.

Machine vision has a key role to play in the smart factory of the future, as well, where automated manufacturing lines will be able to self-adjust to maximize quality, output, and profitability. Smart factories are no longer a pipe dream concept, but one that is here—offering those in manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing environments the chance to improve overall processes. During a free webcast on February 27, Tom Brennan, President, Artemis Vision, will discuss smart factory concepts and the role that machine vision must play.

Additionally, he will discuss the enabling technologies, various benefits, and considerations one must make to maximize the potential benefits that a smart factory offers.

Join us for this webcast sponsored by FLIR and Integro Technologies.


Deep Learning in Machine Vision

March 5, 2019
10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
Approximately one hour.

Are you curious about how to put deep learning technologies to use? Would you like to know what deep learning can accomplish within your machine vision application?

This webinar will give users of machine vision software a better understanding of deep learning technologies and the potential benefits that deep learning offers for machine vision applications. The presenter, a deep learning expert from MVTec’s Solutions Team, will introduce deep learning technologies based on MVTec HALCON and provide an overview of deep learning machine vision applications. He will also cover some of the best practices for developing and setting up deep learning applications. To give participants a better understanding of the types of applications that can be greatly enhanced by deep learning, the webinar will include application examples developed and implemented by MVTec.