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Using Logistics to Cut Warehouse Costs

Customer demand is at an all-time high. As e-commerce increases around the world, this fact is more apparent in distribution centers than anywhere else. Warehouses around the country are under pressure to receive, sort, and ship product faster than ever before. Sophisticated logistics solutions are crucial for modern warehouses to streamline operations and increase productivity. There are four reasons why logistics solutions are no longer optional if a warehouse strives for maximum efficiency:

  1. Speed– Inbound packages filtered through automated barcode readers guarantee efficiency. Performance metrics increase as automation assumes control over shipping and receiving. 
  2. Accuracy-Automated barcode readers like those designed by Cognex achieve a 99.9% accuracy rating while sorting product.
  3. Cost efficiency-Manual sorting is no competition for the near perfect accuracy and high sorting speeds of logistics solutions, which greatly reduce operating costs.
  4. Error correction-Logistics solutions prevent and correct barcode and shipping errors early on, resulting in less manual correction.

Current demand requires that fulfillment and distribution centers integrate logistics solutions to maintain productivity in the fast-paced climate of e-commerce. Investing in logistics solutions yields other benefits as well.

  • Companies who outfit their warehouses with logistics solutions will see a decline in costly workplace accidents including “unnecessary legal action” and the “assessment of fines and penalties” that can result from human error or recklessness.
  • Warehouses integrating logistics solutions in their operations are preparing for the future. Companies dependent on manual operations will be unable to cope as demand continues to increase.
  • Tracking inventory is much easier with automated sorting. Logistics solutions help warehouses avoid inventory errors that cost the company money.

The benefits of logistics solutions to modern warehouse operations are obvious. However, no two distribution centers are identical. Each requires individual attention to determine the best logistics solution for that operation. Integro Technologies designs unique logistics systems to fit the needs of any warehouse. Please contact us to learn more about logistics and how it can increase productivity in any warehouse setting.