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ViDi Machined Part Inspection


  • Typically there are many different types of complex shapes
  • Varying surface properties depending on machining tool quality and varying properties of the blank material need to be tolerated
  • Some defects only show under a very particular combination of illumination, camera and surface orientation

Cognex ViDiWith ViDi Suite, the automated visual inspection of complex machined parts is now extremely simple. The software algorithm trains itself on a set of known good samples which are recorded while being rotated to create its reference model.

Once this training phase is completed, the inspection is ready to proceed. Defective areas on the surface of the machined part can be reliably identified and reported. With the flexibility of ViDi Suite, the machined part can be rotated in front of the camera to perform the inspection without the need for precise synchronization between image acquisition and rotation.

See application notes here.