3D Vision Guided Bin Picking- Pick N Place

Integro provides 3D Bin Picking Pick N Place solutions for a wide variety of products within Factory Automation and Logistics arenas.

Vision-guided robotics (VGR) technology is increasing production while reducing costs in industries across the board. Exciting new developments in technologies such as 3D machine vision and deep learning have opened the door to flexible automation to accelerate production and ease the ergonomic burden on the human production team. More often than not, modern production lines have certain processes which are infamous among the line team members.

These jobs involve intense pick and place procedures which require excessive lifting, bending, and twisting, all tediously repetitive and at high production speeds.

Integro’s solutions combine industrial grade smart cameras with advanced pattern location processing which allows robots to identify and select products based on their distinct size, shape, and design regardless of their orientation when the part is presented. Faster processing speeds keep the robot ahead of the identification process.

This opens the door to a variety of VGR applications including:

  • conveyor loading and unloading
  • handling of nested parts from trays or boxes
  • placement, assembly, verification and packaging
  • bin picking of random parts
  • palletizing and depalletizing
  • racking and de-racking


View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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