Vision Guided Robotics Solutions

Have you been looking for a solution to your speed and efficiency in your manufacturing facility? Have you been looking for a solution to picking orders that are 100% error free? If this sounds like a direction you would like to see your facility headed towards, then vision guided robotics should be the next topic of discussion for the next ‘powers that be’ meeting.

Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) from Integro Technologies can open that door for you.

  • Ship out error free orders
  • Maintain a more detailed and accurate inventory for reordering process
  • Increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy

These are just some finer points of implementing VGR from Integro Technologies. The philosophy behind VGR is simply implementing new programs and hardware into your facility that can guarantee your customer a perfect product every time, and error free orders can become a huge selling and promotional tool for your facility.

We Have Your Vision Guided Robotics Solution Here at Integro Technologies

The idea behind bringing in robotics into a manufacturing facility has graduated from concept to reality. No longer do we dream about the implementation of such a high magnitude of hardware and software. VGR and  other robotics solutions are becoming commonplace in this new industrial revolution that is all about transforming our human footprint to a digital footprint.

At Integro Technologies, we can design, install, teach, and maintain your vision guided robotics solution.

View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.