Raw meat, poultry and fish have a high risk of quality issues and contamination, and reliable meat inspection process is a necessity to guarantee that the products are high quality, safe and in compliance with the strict safety requirements.

Integrate Specim FX Cameras to your quality control and sorting processes to enhance their capability in product inspection and process analytics.

Specim FX cameras help you to:

  • perform precise and reliable chemical grading and foreign material detection based on all materials’ unique and distinctive spectral signatures.
  • replace visual inspections and time-consuming lab tests with a non-invasive, real-time inspection.
  • cover 100% of the product stream.
  • detect a range of characteristics simultaneously with a single camera – now and in the future.
  • avoid extra cost by meeting legal prerequisites for the amount of fat, protein, and collagen.

Find the right camera for your needs

Different materials reflect light differently and therefore are visible on different wavelengths. Different cameras operate on different wavelengths, so finding the right solution depends on what do you wish to find.

Specim FX series cameras are small, fast and affordable. They are designed specifically for industrial machine vision applications, and several versions operating on different wavelengths means that you can find a camera to meet your specific needs. Get reliable results with less light and high framerate.

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