Machine Vision Consulting and Client Services

Integro Technologies provides the following machine vision services for end-users, system integrators, and machine builders.

  • 911 Vision Rescue for faulty machine vision integration systems
  • Turnkey machine vision system installation
  • Customized OEM solutions
  • Training for machine vision technology applications
  • Optimization of existing optical systems for inspection
  • Technology review of machine vision systems for upgrades
  • Communication troubleshooting to other devices
  • Robotic system integration with vision systems
  • Support to improve hardware/software performance
  • Integro VisionVault User Traceability and Data Archiving Package

Integro Technologies has one of the most dedicated field service workforces in the machine vision industry.  Whether you require system start-up, equipment servicing, emergency response, turnkey solutions or in-house staff support, Integro Technologies will meet your needs.

The following are some highlights of  our comprehensive field service capabilities:

  • Access to a network of regional sales engineers
  • Quick response for emergency repairs
  • Preventive maintenance service
  • Troubleshooting
    • Help Desk
    • Remote Diagnostics
  • Installation and relocation of machine vision equipment
  • System/process optimization
  • Equipment and system audits
  • On-site supervision
  • Status on system conditions
  • Full service & maintenance agreement
  • Overall machine vision consulting

Please contact us to discuss your machine vision consulting and field service needs.


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