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3 Ways Human Error Affects Production

The human mind can be thought of as a powerful computer. According to the current information theory, the conscious mind can process up to 50 bits of information per second. This seems impressive at first glance, but the human body sends 11 million bits of information per second to the brain for processing. The vast gap between what is sent to the brain and what is actually processed forces the conscious mind to choose what is the most important. In production, this can lead to costly mistakes from what is known as human error.

  1. Reputation: Many businesses rely on their personnel to maintain high standards of quality for their products. Employees are trained to recognize and correct defects, as well as discard low-quality products. A mistake in this area could lead to widespread defamation of a business through social media. It could even result in a costly lawsuit or settlement, which would, in turn, require ample time and resources to repair.
  2. Accidents and Disasters: In most businesses, safety is a consistent priority. Multitasking, stress, and fatigue are very common in product manufacturing and all contribute to human error. Human error has been cited as a primary cause of disasters and accidents in the workplace. Even the most well-intentioned personnel can be influenced by outside factors that lead to devastating workplace incidents.
  3. Waste: Mistakes made by human error can force a business to reallocate financial and human resources to correct the issue. Not to mention the valuable time that is used to pinpoint the error and rectify it.

The human mind is not a machine. It can, and frequently does, miss things and make errors. There are machines, however, that use innovative technology and artificial intelligence to consistently spot the problems that people often miss.

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