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3 Ways Machine Vision Technology Improves Pharmaceuticals

Machine vision technology is a way to both streamline the processing of goods as well as increase efficiency many times over. There are a number of industries that can benefit from these advancements with one of the most crucial being pharmaceuticals. To prove that point, let’s take a look at three ways machine vision technology improves pharmaceuticals.


Machine vision inspection is more precise than human inspection by design. Even the most professional inspector is still susceptible to any number of basic human errors that a functioning machine simply doesn’t have to worry about. Whether it’s the pills, syringes, inhalers, packages, or anything else coming down your line, a machine can check the products against a 3D model and identify visual defects with impeccable accuracy.

Higher Quality Standards

The increased precision of machine vision inspection has the knock-on effect of allowing your products to be held to a higher quality standard. When using exclusively human inspection standards, you simply won’t be able to get the same degree of quality inspection as you would with a machine. Thanks to machine vision inspection, however, you’ll be able to examine your products to a much more detailed degree in a timely fashion with more uniform consistency, leading to better products overall.


In addition to more accurate inspection, machine vision allows for a faster inspection process. Thanks to the precision and advanced inspection ability offered by machines, your products and packages can be reviewed at a much faster rate without compromising on the quality checks.

Machine vision inspection is the way of the future. For more precise, efficient, and higher quality production of all your pharmaceutical products, invest today. Additionally, get in touch with Integro Technologies to learn about the kind of machine vision products we have to offer, including those related to packaging and medical supply inspection.