3D Disk Inspection and Laser Marking

3D Disk Inspection and Laser Marking

This manual 3D disk inspection and laser marking machine uses one camera to scan the top of a transmission seal and a second camera to scan the outside of the seal.  The system looks for cuts, voids, scuffs, and flash (extra rubber).   It does this using two (2) Cognex DS1100 cameras which scan the part using lasers and imaging sensors which measure Z (height).  The DS1100 cameras produce a 3D image that is fed into vision software to make the pass/fail determination.   If the part passes, a high powered laser will mark the top edge of the seal with a serial number and shows the operator a PASS light.  If the part fails, the part is not marked, and at this point, it can be re-inspected or scrapped.

Process Description

A transmission seal is placed in the machine by an operator/user.  A door shuts after the operator removes his hand.  Cameras move into position and a chuck spins to allow the cameras to scan the part. The images are transferred to a PC for processing and a Pass/Fail result is shown to the user.  If the part Passes it is laser marked before the door opens for the operator to remove the part.  If it fails, the operator sees a light and can either re-inspect the part using vision or scrap the part.

This type of inspection system can be used for any round rubber, steel, or plastic part as it can detect very small, very shallow defects.

View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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