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Here at Integro Technologies, we specialize in 3D vision systems.

While 3D machine vision systems are utilized in a  range of applications in a variety of industries, there are a few basic factors that can help determine the approach.

According to Tim DeRosett, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Robotics News & Insights from Yaskawa Motoman, these factors include:

  • Semi-structured vs. unstructured environments
  • Known parts vs. unknown parts
  • High-speed vs. low-speed
  • Precise vs. imprecise placement

DeRosett stated that, “Often, processes used in manufacturing applications such as machining, polishing and assembly, call for the part type and size to be defined and controlled. For example, in the bin picking process of a machining operation there is typically one part per production run; the part type and size is known (usually from a CAD model).” The requirements in speed is generally low depending on the cycle time of the machine.  In this scenario, parts must be placed accurately and precisely onto or into a machine.

“In assembly applications, where parts are well defined and controlled, both precision and high speed are often required,” said DeRosett.

Warehouses and distribution centers have substantially different requirements.  According to DeRosett:

At the other end of the spectrum are warehousing and distribution centers. Here, the size of cases removed from a pallet (depalletized) or unloaded from a truck may not be fully known. The 3D vision system must be able to anticipate a range of case sizes and respond accordingly.

Order picking in an e-commerce environment is another area where product type and size vary greatly. The system must handle a wide variety and, at times, an infinite number of parts. These applications require high speed.

To read the entire article series by DeRosett, visit the Robotics News & Insights from Yaskawa Motoman blog.

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