Fix Faulty Systems and Increase ROI

When machine vision systems are integrated poorly, production is in jeopardy. Integro Technologies’ experienced engineers can replace faulty machine vision components or re-program the existing systems to keep production moving and minimize downtime, saving time and material and increasing overall ROI.

Integro Technologies is available for emergency machine vision integration rescue throughout the United States and Canada.

Our vision engineers are highly experienced and can services a wide range of applications (2D, 3D, and VGR), and hardware platforms including: application optimization for increased efficiency, vision hardware and software components upgrades/retrofits, and complete turnkey vision integration solutions.

We even fix vision systems that aren’t ours!

Integro’s engineers can replace faulty machine vision cameras, lenses, filters, software, vital components, or entire vision solutions. We also provide system upgrades including installation of updated software or components, electrical and mechanical interface components, and updated vision integration hardware.

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