Anode/Cathode Pick and Place Calendering Machine

Function and purpose of this application is to remove Anodes/Cathode from cassette and place them on a banded conveyor. The conveyor delivers the parts to an OEM Calendering machine to flatten and brush the part material. The Anodes/Cathodes are inspected and gauged by a Cognex In-Sight machine vision sensor as they exit the calendering system. Good Anode/Cathode are then picked from the exit conveyor and placed back into a cassette magazine.


Features of this application:

  • The machine can be manually loaded with a number of cassettes, to minimize operator interaction.
  • The machine utilizes two high speed Yamaha Robotics YP series (X & Z axes) to pick-n-place cathode/anodes from the new part cassette and place them on the calendar system.
  • The second Yamaha Robotics YK system pick-n-places the parts from the calendar back into the cassette system.
  • Two elevator system utilizing linear servos optimize performance by minimizing the vertical travel of the robot system by incrementally raising the cassette stack per machine cycle with Keyence displacement sensor feedback.
  • The machine picks-n-places 600 cathodes/anodes per cassette at a rate of 40ppm.
  • All cassette are tracked using RFID system
  • Venturi vacuum system allows for complete control while the part is on the end of the arm of the robot.

Benefits of this application:

  • At a production rate of 40 PPM, the machine can pick and place a full cassette of 600 parts in 15 minutes.
  • Once the machine is loaded, the machine does not require operator intervention.
  • The user interface includes statistical data of inspection results with corresponding part images and pass/fail criteria.

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