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Integro Now Providing Independent Assembly Machine Solutions

Integro Technologies builds world-class vision inspection cells while also providing system retrofits and service of machine vision systems.

Through the development, expansion, and success of our machine building capabilities, and at the request of our customers, we have begun providing independent assembly machine solutions.

Manufacturers are seeking solutions to labor shortages and to better utilize dependable resources available to their team. And Integro is here for manufacturers.

Semi to fully automated assembly machines can make a major contribution to a facility by increasing efficient production volume, lowering labor expenses, reducing repetitive motion injuries, and reallocating resources to higher, value-added processes.

An automated assembly process can also free up valuable production floor space by consolidating a number of manual steps into a single machine structure.

An Integro automated assembly machine will leverage your facility’s critical process with supplemental technology to generate a complete assembly machine solution.

Companies that automate today and leverage data collection brace themselves for future labor shortages and position themselves to claim greater market share through better internal cost controls and sustainable unit volume output

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