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High-Speed Singulation System
Integro is implementing a new high speed singulation system to improve visual canister inspection capability exceeding speed of 1000ppm. Our
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Textile Print Registration Inspection System
Integro implements a print registration inspection system on pliable 100” textile web moving at 50fpm with encoder based motion tracking
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Medical Device Multi-Spectral Visual Inspection System
Integro ships two new next generation multi-spectral visual inspection system to medical device manufacture in Ireland. Our world-class team leverages
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High Speed Tool Bit Inspection System
The Integro high-speed tool bit inspection system processes one part every two seconds.  Customer part trays, of multiple configurations, are
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Automotive Wheel Lug Dimension Verification System
The wheel inspection system by Integro Technologies uses 3D-Laser profiling technology to evaluate key measures of refurbished rim that indicate
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Medical Lab Vision Inspection Device
Integro is designing a tabletop medical laboratory visual inspection device to verify discrete components count, shape, and attributes.
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Machine Vision with the Super Power of Deep Learning
Increase Food Inspection and Production Levels with Advanced Machine Vision AI’s higher intelligence is like having Superman join your quality
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Benefits of Deep Learning with Machine Vision
Time and Money Saved from Machine Vision and Deep Learning Critical Inspections Beyond Human Capabilities We all know how crucial
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Integro Technologies Vision Integration Rendering Vision Inspection Machine Vision Integrators
Machine Vision For Factory Automation
Machine Vision and the Future of Factory Automation The future of the factory floor will involve highly trained workers and
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Deep Learning for Factory Automation
Artificial intelligence (or AI) has seen a recent surge in use across a wide variety of industries. One type of
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Deep Learning for Automotive Industry
Deep learning is currently being used in the automotive industry for a number of inspection applications. Most manufacturers have large
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Machine Vision Systems for Food and Beverage Industries
Integro Technologies is a trusted source in machine vision technology for the food and beverage industries. Food and beverage manufacturers face
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Deep Learning Revolution
Machine Vision and Deep Learning Deep learning is becoming a commonly heard word in business, science and programming circles. However,
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Fanuc system integrator
Integro Named FANUC Authorized System Integrator
Integro Technologies, a premier machine vision integrator, announced today that it has become a FANUC Authorized System Integrator. Integro Technologies
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Secure Manufacturing – Trace Users and Data with VisionVault
User Traceability and Data Archiving The world is becoming more interconnected than ever before through the internet and industry is
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Human Vision vs. Machine Vision
Human Vision vs. Machine Vision in the Industrial 4.0 Arena The benefits of advanced machine vision are so numerous that
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Deep Learning Applications in Machine Vision Systems
Machine Vision and Deep Learning Artificial intelligence, or AI, has seen a recent surge in use across a wide variety
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FaroArm at Integro Technologies
FaroArm Measurement at Integro Technologies
For more than 35 years, FARO® has designed, developed and delivered the leading and most trusted arm technology in the market
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Latest News from Smart Vision Lights – July 2018
New IP65 Ring Projects 500 mm The RMX75, the newest mini ring light product from Smart Vision Lights, is designed
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High Speed Vision Guided Pick and Place Robotics
VGR Pick and Place and Production Ergonomics Vision-guided robotics (VGR) technology is increasing production while reducing costs in industries across the
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Industry 4.0 and industrial internet of things concept with vector illustration of a connected digital world
Benefits of 3D Machine Vision: A Quantum Leap For Manufacturing Robots
Robotics in the  Industry 4.0 Revolution Industry 4.0 is all the rage in manufacturing today, as it should be when
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new Lss computational illumination
CCS Releases LSS for Computational Imaging
Better Machine Vision Solutions through Multi-shot Imaging The new LSS Computational Illumination Series from CCS is a Computational Imaging (CI)
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LBR iiwa – KUKA Collaborative Lightweight Robot
The LBR iiwa is the world’s first series-produced sensitive, and therefore HRC-compatible, robot. LBR stands for “Leichtbauroboter” (German for lightweight robot),
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KUKA makes the difference – with sensitive, light, scalable robotics for every production area. Designing automation to be even more
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Ranger3 from SICK honored with 2018 Innovators Award
Boston, MA, April 11, 2018 – On April 10, SICK (, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine vision,
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David Dechow
David Dechow, Industry Thought Leader, Joins Integro Team
For Immediate Release   DAVID L. DECHOW JOINS INTEGRO TECHNOLOGIES June 5, 2018, Salisbury, NC – Integro Technologies Corp. is
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MVTec Software GmbH logo
MVTec presents HALCON 18.05
Munich, April 12, 2018 – MVTec Software GmbH, the leading provider of standard machine vision software, presents new and outstanding
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