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Cognex vidi graphic auto
Machine Vision and Deep Learning A Machine Vision Revolution. Machine vision has become widely accepted by multiple industries as the
Automation is an ongoing process given how the technology associated with it continues to evolve. Even just a year from
Vision Integration Rendering Vision Inspection Machine Vision Integrators
You can find automation in just about any working sector but the industrial arena has been on that has seen
container inspection cell
As technology marches on, we can see the effects of automation in all aspects of our lives. It should come
FANUC Robots Coordinated Basketball Dance
This video features two FANUC Robots performing coordinated motion -- A FANUC M-10iA robot rotates a basketball while a FANUC
The material handling system represents a low volume 360-degree visualization and inspection solution for consumer products or other cylindrical parts.
3D inspection technology adds another dimension for inspecting parts and products. Quality control is improved with the capability of evaluating
eye iris and circuit binary internet concept
On April 24, David Dechow, Principal Vision Systems Architect, Integro Technologies will discuss some of the advances in components and
Piston Ring Inspection
Technology is the road to future success for manufacturers. With new technologies like machine vision being implemented on a daily
Food packaging inspection
When working with food, there's nothing more important than safety. One wrong move can poison someone. When you're working in
Industry 4.0: Machine vision's role in the smart factory Vision Systems Design Magazine February 27, 2019 11:00 AM Eastern Standard
Industrial Eye and Integro Technologies partner to provide machine vision solutions to tri-state region manufacturing industry   Salisbury, NC, February
Glass Defect Inspection
Glass Jar Foreign Material Detection Vision Inspection System The system evaluates a glass jar with a 360-degree view for small
Combining Robotics and Deep Learning Machine Vision Advances Factory Automation We know that robotics are working in many factory applications
Integro enhances existing tire DOT OCR solution with modified control and safety package to improve integration into customer's manufacturing process.
Integro is implementing a new high speed singulation system to improve visual canister inspection capability exceeding speed of 1000ppm. Our
Integro implements a print registration inspection system on pliable 100” textile web moving at 50fpm with encoder based motion tracking
Integro ships two new next generation multi-spectral visual inspection system to medical device manufacture in Ireland. Our world-class team leverages
The Integro high-speed tool bit inspection system processes one part every two seconds.  Customer part trays, of multiple configurations, are
The wheel inspection system by Integro Technologies uses 3D-Laser profiling technology to evaluate key measures of refurbished rim that indicate
Integro is designing a tabletop medical laboratory visual inspection device to verify discrete components count, shape, and attributes.
Increase Food Inspection and Production Levels with Advanced Machine Vision AI's higher intelligence is like having Superman join your quality
Time and Money Saved from Machine Vision and Deep Learning Critical Inspections Beyond Human Capabilities We all know how crucial
This position is no longer available.       We are seeking an energized, experienced, interactive Mechanical Automation Engineering Manager
Integro Technologies Vision Integration Rendering Vision Inspection Machine Vision Integrators
Machine Vision and the Future of Factory Automation The future of the factory floor will involve highly trained workers and
Artificial intelligence (or AI) has seen a recent surge in use across a wide variety of industries. One type of
Deep learning is currently being used in the automotive industry for a number of inspection applications. Most manufacturers have large
Integro Technologies is a trusted source in machine vision technology for the food and beverage industries. Food and beverage manufacturers face
Machine Vision and Deep Learning Deep learning is becoming a commonly heard word in business, science and programming circles. However,
Fanuc system integrator
Integro Technologies, a premier machine vision integrator, announced today that it has become a FANUC Authorized System Integrator. Integro Technologies
User Traceability and Data Archiving The world is becoming more interconnected than ever before through the internet and industry is
Human Vision vs. Machine Vision in the Industrial 4.0 Arena The benefits of advanced machine vision are so numerous that
Machine Vision and Deep Learning Artificial intelligence, or AI, has seen a recent surge in use across a wide variety
FaroArm at Integro Technologies
For more than 35 years, FARO® has designed, developed and delivered the leading and most trusted arm technology in the market
New IP65 Ring Projects 500 mm The RMX75, the newest mini ring light product from Smart Vision Lights, is designed
VGR Pick and Place and Production Ergonomics Vision-guided robotics (VGR) technology is increasing production while reducing costs in industries across the
Industry 4.0 and industrial internet of things concept with vector illustration of a connected digital world
Robotics in the  Industry 4.0 Revolution Industry 4.0 is all the rage in manufacturing today, as it should be when
new Lss computational illumination
Better Machine Vision Solutions through Multi-shot Imaging The new LSS Computational Illumination Series from CCS is a Computational Imaging (CI)
The LBR iiwa is the world’s first series-produced sensitive, and therefore HRC-compatible, robot. LBR stands for “Leichtbauroboter” (German for lightweight robot),
KUKA makes the difference – with sensitive, light, scalable robotics for every production area. Designing automation to be even more
Boston, MA, April 11, 2018 – On April 10, SICK (, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine vision,
David Dechow
For Immediate Release   DAVID L. DECHOW JOINS INTEGRO TECHNOLOGIES June 5, 2018, Salisbury, NC – Integro Technologies Corp. is
MVTec Software GmbH logo
Munich, April 12, 2018 – MVTec Software GmbH, the leading provider of standard machine vision software, presents new and outstanding
This plastic container vision inspection machine was developed to inspect 100% of the internal and external surfaces of a cylindrical
Integro Technologies is now offering the VisionVault® Package, allowing for effective and efficient user-traceability and data archiving capabilities on the Cognex In-Sight
Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 17, 2018 — Coherix, Inc., a global leader in Three-Dimensional (3D) Machine Vision, was presented with a Gold-level
Esben Østergaard, co-founder and CTO of Universal Robots, has been awarded the automation industry’s most prestigious honor, the Engelberger Robotics Award
High-Speed Yamaha YP220BX pick and place robots offer under half second cycle times. These little robots are perfect for dial-table
Cognex DM470_PR_large
Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX), the leader in machine vision and industrial barcode reading, introduced the DataMan® 470 series of fixed-mount barcode
LED Manager Simplifies 3D, Multispectral Smart Vision Lights is proud to announce its programmable LED Light Manager (LLM) and associated
electronic chip
High Speed Vision Inspection for Manufacturers From electronic consumer devices to industrial automation controls and electronic commercial signage, printed circuit
Error Proof Vision Solution Coherix Robust3D is a high-speed, in-line, error-proofing solution designed and built to provide 100% error-proof assemblies
 Syringe Inspection for Pharma and Medical Industries This high-speed syringe vision inspection system is a six (6) Cognex In-Sight camera
Integro Technologies Vision Inspection
Perhaps the most vivid quantum leap in manufacturing technology is Henry Ford's development of the assembly line, a concept he borrowed from the
Integro Technologies, a premier machine vision integrator, will showcase FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant user traceability and data archiving
FDA CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 21 Part 11 sets the standard for trustworthiness and reliability concerning electronic records, electronic signatures,
Coherix 3D inspection
Integro Technologies partnered with Yamaha Robotics and the Coherix Predator 3D product to combine a servo controlled bead dispensing system
Rapid Advancements in Machine Vision In just two decades we have seen a convergence in computer technologies which has made possible
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Logo
Is your vision inspection 21 CFR Part 11 compliant? Integro Technologies is now offering the VisionVault®  Package, allowing for effective and
metal components
The machine vision trend is growing and manufacturers of metal components are specifically poised to reap major benefits from 3D
SICK Trispector 1000
A Cooperative Vision: Integro Technologies and SICK, Inc. Announce Partnership Salisbury, NC, October 23, 2017: Integro Technologies (, a premier
JOB DESCRIPTION Integro Technologies seeks an Application Engineer III-IV for software development of artificial intelligence algorithms and solutions for industrial
Integro named for sixth consecutive year as CFE Media System Integrator Giants Salisbury, NC: CFE Media (Control Engineering Magazine and
540 degree filter inspection
High-Speed Vision for High-Speed Production Applications When your plastic parts lines are humming along at high-speed rates of 30 fps
The automotive industry has been a driver of manufacturing technology since the days when Henry Ford first introduced the assembly
Function and purpose of this application: Remove Anodes/Cathode from cassette and place them on a banded conveyor The conveyor delivers
Vision Integrators Integro Tech in the shop
Function and purpose of this application: Carbon filter trays are delivered to the system and imaged to determine part location.
The purpose of this application is to verify Offline and Inline Battery Anode/Cathode for dimensional accuracy. Features: Recipe system contains
Thomas Delk and UR SICK Integro Technologies robotics automation and machine vision
Ann Arbor, MI, and Salisbury, NC, October 13, 2017: Realizing that collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots are helping manufacturers
Medical Device Inhaler Incremental Counter Verification   The purpose of this application is to verify the correct three digits are
Medical Device Bag Measurement and Verification   The purpose of this application was to inspect colostomy bags in web form
machine vision camera
Machine Vision for Factory Automation In the first half of 2017, 19,331 robots valued at about $1.031 billion were sold to
ice cream container machine vision inspection
Machine Vision Inspection for the Food Industry Proper inspection is essential in the food industry. The loss of revenue and
Inc5000 gold
Inc. Magazine Unveils 36th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000 Salisbury, NC:  Inc. magazine today ranked Integro
Integro partners with manufacturer of 3D, high-speed, high definition, machine vision products Salisbury, NC, August 15, 2017: Integro Technologies, a
Basler Pilot Series
Integro Technologies has partnered with the machine vision industry's leading smart camera manufacturers including Basler and Cognex. Browse our partner
Integro Technologies is a premier machine vision integrator specializing in automated vision systems for a wide variety of industries. Below
Paul Powers Joins SVL as East Coast Business Development Manager SVL is pleased to announce that Paul Powers is joining
Let’s take a look at how you can succeed every time. A complex manufacturing world is requiring increasingly intricate solutions
Function Inspection of plastic and mesh automotive filters to detect missing, broken, misshaped or flagging mesh, and plastic flash including
raptor video
The Raptor Utilizing a combination of software, optical, and ultra-high resolution image formation technology, The Raptor is the single solution
Coherix 3D inspection
Robust3D provides innovative three-dimensional, high-speed, 100% reliable, and in-line error proofing solutions to ensure assembly correctness in automotive and other
Cognex ViDi Suite Deep Learning-based industrial image analysis Cognex ViDi offers the first ready-to-use Deep Learning-based software dedicated to industrial
Predator3D is the latest 3D machine vision technology from Coherix for structural adhesive and dispensing sealant bead inspection. Smart, automatic
Integro Technologies participated as a Mentor to the FIRST Robotics Competition, Team Roboto 447, of Madison County, IN. This weekend,
A robot arm can tend machines and relieve employees of repetitive work Universal Robots robotic arms can be used to
Vision Systems Design 2017 Innovators Awards Silver
Integro Technologies honored by Vision Systems Design - 2017 Innovators Awards Program Salisbury, NC, April 4, 2017: Integro Technologies, a premier
Silicone Optics Set to Revolutionize LED Lights LED light manufacturer Smart Vision Lights joined forces with optical engineering specialists to
CHALLENGES IN PAD PRINTING INSPECTION Multi-step tampography can lead to considerable but tolerable relative shifts (registration problem) Varying quantities of
Did you know that Integro Technologies offers services that are more than just machine vision integration? We are VISION+. Our
CHALLENGES IN WELDING SEAM INSPECTION Welding seams exhibit a large variety of shapes and features which can hardly be described
Pick and place by collaborative robot arms - Add value to your production by automating repetitive pick and place tasks with
CHALLENGES IN MACHINED PART INSPECTION Typically there are many different types of complex shapes Varying surface properties depending on machining
As part of the A3- Association for Advancing Automation, Integro Technologies describes how and why companies around the globe are
Don't Underestimate the Power of Small Packages Smart Vision Lights continues to enhance their product line with the innovative MultiDrive™
Quality inspection with a camera and a robot arm - Robotic Automation- Increase your consistency and maintain high levels of product
3D vision imaging  of Sweethearts candy
Precision 3D Machine Vision Product Inspection   Valentine's Day is coming, so of course, we imaged some Sweethearts. The camera
Automatic Product Identification CHALLENGES IN LOGISTIC CENTER PRODUCT TRACKING Automatic product identification and classification without access to bar or matrix
Cognex ViDi
Update: ViDi is now owned and operated by Cognex Corporation Integro Technologies, a premier machine vision integrator, announces its partnership
Inspect or verify pallets, case, or carton layering and/or kitting systems for medical, automotive, pharmaceutical deployments. Each color denotes a