tube inspection

Tube Inspection

This system inspects tubes for the automotive and aerospace industries. The parts vary in size in both length and diameter, and have
a somewhat uneven texture on the outer surface. The tubes are an extrusion composite, and their structure is highly fragile. The system is to picks up two (2) parts and inspect two (2) parts every 6 seconds.

Tube Inspection Features:

  • Inspection for 17 different failure modes
  • Infeed and Outfeed conveyors
  • 3D ultra high resolution imaging
  • Easy operator view of overall system status
  • Full part inspection
  • Reallocated human workers across three shifts to other areas of factory to improve quality output
  • Output increased from 2 million to 21 million parts per year

View machine vision inspection systems from Integro here or on YouTube.

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