Color and 3D Ceiling Tile Vision Inspection

This video illustrates a color and 3D image capture  and machine vision analysis of building ceiling tile material at production speeds. The color camera image is utilized to monitor tile discolorations, foreign material, and detect surface abrasion without adequate depth to be detected by the 3D system.

The 3D laser topography system reconstructs a single 3D model of the entire tile utilizing a number of image formation systems.   The single 3D image is then analyzed to detect and identify broken corners, divots, holes, depressions, and other defect modes or classifications on the tiles body and surfaces.  The thickness of the tile can also be monitored using a top and bottom 3D laser configuration or relative to the conveyor system.

The repeating tile pattern  on the tile’s surface can also be processed looking for errors and presence and frequency.

These inspection techniques can be applied to a wide array of materials and industries providing valuable process data for business intelligence or IoT4.0.

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