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Deep Learning Advantage

Machine Vision and Deep Learning

A Machine Vision Revolution.

Machine vision has become widely accepted by multiple industries as the most efficient method of detecting flaws, errors, and irregularities in manufactured goods. Certain types of inspection have been, until recently, impossible for automated systems due to the complexity and nuance required to distinguish between cosmetic flaws and functional issues. In these cases, human inspection and intervention are still needed. New innovations have enabled machine vision solutions to learn adaptively from a baseline data set—analyzing and differentiating between “good” and “bad” examples. This deep learning revolution has created the ability for machine vision solutions to perform more sophisticated and complex inspections than ever before.

Self-Learning Through Classification.

Cognex Vidi Deep Learning Based Software

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Deep learning software essentially learns like children do—by example. Instead of employing task-based inspection algorithms, deep learning systems use a neural network to examine a library of images tagged by human inspectors. Machine vision systems use this classification method to learn the subtle distinctions between flaws that may present in a variety of ways.

Deep Learning Requires Less Training Time.

In the past, AI-based machine vision technologies have required extensive time and expertise from developers to train the system for a customer’s use. Newer deep learning machine vision systems, on the other hand, are already optimized for industrial applications, and customers can, in many cases, train the system themselves.

Deep learning systems automate and accelerate the process of accurately identifying faults. Traditional AI-based systems require an expert human inspector to view and catalog thousands of images manually. Neural networks can learn necessary fault characteristics based on a much smaller data set, and they can handle situations where a fault specification cannot be described precisely or consistently.

The Integro Advantage.

With over 2,000 installations and more than 1,000 clients worldwide, Integro Technologies is a leader in machine vision deep learning solutions. We are an AIA-Certified Systems Integrator, and our expertise extends from conceptual design through development and manufacturing. Integro Technologies provides service worldwide throughout the manufacturing sector, including the Aerospace, Defense, Robotics, Food & Beverage, Plastics, and Pharmaceutical industry.


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