What to Know Before Installing Automated Vision Systems

Automated vision systems have transformed the industrial production of consumer products. Vision-guided robotics have also led to efficiency, accuracy, and auto-calibration in the production line. However, installing VGR systems in a facility is an intimidating undertaking that requires consideration of several factors. To get the intended outcomes of machine vision technology, you need to partner and collaborate with the systems provider. Apart from that, check out some other factors to consider before adopting machine vision technology.

Start on a Small Scale

If you are a first-timer in integrating automatic robotics to your factory, you need to first start with a small scale of work. It may be tempting to envision a giant robot operating in your factory, but that takes time. Automation is not like purchasing a product off the shelf; you need to understand where it is from, the provider, and how far it reaches. You may start by installing vision equipment on one assembly point, or a core production piece. The scope of work should be determined internally so that you can get the ideal robotics for your early-stage automation vision systems.

References and Experience of Automation Provider

A critical step of the purchasing process, you need to ask your potential VGR software provider to mention some of their previous clients who have similar systems. Call them to get their feedback on the performance and ROIs of the vision machines to gauge their visibility and profitability. Furthermore, you need to check the experience of the integrator. You need a brand that has been in business for many years and mastered the machine-vision concept.

Communicate Your Expectations

Before buying factory robotic systems, understand your metrics that define your perfect product. That’s usually determined by the cycle time per unit production and the acceptable error margins. For instance, you may buy a machine if the cycle time to produce a single part is 10 seconds, and only one system’s fault per five-hour operations. Hence be clear on your expectations.

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