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FAQ – Important Questions Customers Ask Us

What is the sales and quote process at Integro?

At Integro, we do things a little differently. We spend more time on the front end of the sales process to provide the best possible solution and experience for you and your company.

This may involve more questions than you’re accustomed to. The quicker we can get the answers to the questions about your application needs, the faster we can complete the evaluation and quotation process.

A basic questions document will be provided by the Integro Sales Engineer, who will then work with you to complete it. The Sales Engineer will also ask additional questions that may be unique to your project.

After the initial information is received, your Sales Engineer will work with Integro’s internal team to make sure the project is technically achievable based on the information provided. If the project is not feasible, the Sales Engineer will promptly alert you and discuss possible alternatives. If the project is feasible, the Sales Engineer will let you know, and the Integro team will perform any research that is required and formulate additional questions that we may need answered.

After the questions are compiled, the Integro team will then schedule a meeting with all stakeholders to make sure nothing was overlooked. Once all questions are answered, Integro’s internal team will develop the proposed solution.  Integro will then present the proposed solution to make sure it meets all of the customer requirements. It is vital that all stakeholders are involved on the front end to avoid potential issues later in the project.

If may feel that we are asking a lot of questions. And honestly, we are. Here at Integro, we pride ourselves on quality, integrity, and providing the best solution for your application needs. Let’s get started today.


How much will an Integro Technologies system cost?

Potential customers always ask us “how much do your systems cost?” And honestly, we can’t answer that. The cost is really dependent upon what your vision inspection needs are.

Do you need hardware and software? Do you need automation? Do you need a turnkey system or a retrofit? Integro does not provide an “off the shelf” solution because each manufacturing facility has specific needs and requirements. Some even have government-regulated specifications. Every assembly line and quality inspection need is different. Each team may require a different user interface or user accessibility.

Every customer’s need is unique. Let’s discuss what your inspection needs are in detail, as well as your budget requirements, so we may provide you the most accurate quote we can. Contact Integro Technologies today.


How do you develop the exact system I want?

Integro Technologies works tirelessly to develop the exact system your production line requires. Our sales engineers work one on one with you to determine your objectives, system requirements, timeframe, and budget.

Once this is established, our evaluation team examines and tests a number of application possibilities to ensure your vision inspection requirements are met.

Quotes are then made for the entirety of the application project which can include needed hardware, software, installation, and training. Upon quote approval from your company’s decision makers, an engineering team is assembled to design and develop your application.

Through our project development process, our machine vision experts ensure the proper vision platform selection to match both your vision application and system integration needs while avoiding the common costly pitfalls related to such projects.

This process enables us to deliver your project on time and within budget.  Contact Integro Technologies today and let’s get your application started.


What are the potential impacts on my workforce and production line?

 Automating your defect detection can impact your workforce as well as your production line output. Automating your system allows for inspection operators to shift to more productive tasks. By eliminating human error out of inspection, you increase output.

The latter can justify the need for more personnel in other sections of your supply chain. You may have to fill other administrative positions to process more underlying transactions. You are also creating opportunities for skilled technicians to troubleshoot and resolve unknown process issues.

Depending upon the type of application your production line needs, downtime and installation times on your production line can vary. Our highly experienced engineers will install the application, properly set up user interfaces, and train the appropriate team members.  Contact Integro Technologies today to learn more.


Do you offer post-sales support?

Integro Technologies offers post-sales support on their machine vision inspection systems. We also provide service and support for non-Integro systems too.

After installation, we offer on-site and remote engineering support services for vision installations, hardware troubleshooting, and programming assistance.

Service contracts can also be negotiated upon request for larger deployments. Our dedicated team of engineers is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact Integro Technologies today to learn more.


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