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High Speed Vision Inspection Applications for Electronics Manufacturers

High Speed Vision Inspection for Manufacturers

From electronic consumer devices to industrial automation controls and electronic commercial signage, printed circuit boards and electronic components are an integral part of our daily lives. Persistent electronic failures in devices and equipment have been the cause of major business disruptions, product recalls, and failed innovative technologies.

electronic chipManufacturers cite human error as a common cause of electronic scrap and faulty products. While the electronics manufacturing industry has seen improved efficiency through automation and robotics, the delicate nature of electronic components and milli-wafer thin printed circuits still present a host of quality control problems:

  • incorrect placement of components
  • poor connections between PCB layers
  • circuit traces too close together
  • incorrect board thickness
  • poor solder joints
  • excessive or missing solder

These issues are commonly the cause of multi-layer electronic short circuits and voltage arcs that burn-out printed circuits boards. But product failures also occur at the component level during electronics product assembly. When components are not sorted correctly, assembly kits are discarded or the entire kitting process re-started. For companies that are still using manual sorting of electronic components, the possibility of assembly rejects increase as employees suffer fatigue or distractions. Additionally, component sorting and kitting is a time-consuming, and most manufacturers realize their will be a number of incorrect kits due to human error.

Automated Inspection for Electronics Manufacturing

Defect-free products are essential for today’s electronics manufacturers. A single wide-spread report of a faulty electronic consumer product can negatively affect the financial stability of entire corporations.

High-quality and high-speed vision inspection for continuous production manufacturing offers improved consistency in electronic assemblies and board-level uniformity. The following component level and electronic assembly verification and inspection is now possible for high-speed electronics manufacturing:

  • correct part identification and placement orientation
  • product and PCB surface scratches, cracks, and other imperfections
  • verification of correct connector pin connections
  • product identification for correct lot processing
  • solder issues, misalignments, and missing parts

Manual vision inspection for electronics manufacturing has always be wrought with difficulty for inspection employees and quality control managers. Automated vision inspection offers real-time inspections versus sampling protocols which is inefficient. If a failure condition is identified in a sample, an entire batch of components or assemblies have been completed and must be discarded.

Electronics components and assemblies continue to get smaller and smaller, allowing defective products to pass because many PCB and electronic product inconsistencies are not discernible to the human eye. Automated machine vision inspection addresses the issues common with vision inspections, allowing manufacturers to produce higher quality products without sacrificing continuous production speeds.

Customized Vision Inspection Solutions

Integro Technologies specializes in customized vision inspection solutions for manufacturing processes. From inspection of mico-components to solder integrity validation, we implement state-of-the-art vision systems specifically integrated into your electronics manufacturing environment. If your business already incorporates optical systems or machine vision technology, our specialist can review your current technology and implement upgrades that will increase the speed and the accuracy of your automated inspections process.

We specialize in full service turnkey or custom integrated vision applications, making sure the right vision platform is applied to your specific project needs. Your electronic device manufacturing will benefit from greater quality control, reduced scrap and rework, and reliable data capture directly from the assembly floor. From gauging, guidance, identification, and inspection – our machine vision applications for the electronics industry will not only increase production rates, but also increase your profit margins.

We integrate latest generation, high optics performance cameras, specialized software, and any necessary subsystem to establish a complete imaging protocol for inspection, verification, and data collection.

Contact us to discover our high speed vision system integration systems can improve the quality, efficiency, and production rates of your electronics circuit and component assembly operations.