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How Machine Vision Tackles Common Safety Concerns in the Workplace

Employee safety is always a top priority in the workplace. For companies utilizing heavy machinery, it’s vital to have the best technology available to help harbor a safe environment. Machine vision can help with that, and much more.

Workplace Security

Having reliable security in the workplace is a given. However, relying on human eyes alone to track who should be where in a warehouse or office building can not only be tedious but can lead to a margin of error.  Even having security personnel watching over monitors displaying camera feeds is unreliable, as it would be impossible to expect someone to notice every detail in every shot.

To fix this problem, machine vision can be used in conjunction with security employees to better track, register, and adapt to security issues such as unauthorized persons, theft, and more.

Predictive Maintenance

It is always better to solve a problem before it actually is one. For companies using heavy machinery, this is especially true, as minor miscalculations could lead to catastrophic mishaps. Predictive maintenance is designed to fix these problems.

Through machine vision, equipment can be closely monitored in real-time as employees work. The AI can be programmed to recognize safety concerns, as well as malfunctions, quickly so that employees can address the situation before things get out of hand.

Not only is this safer, but has the potential to save the company hundreds in maintenance costs. When a problem does occur, the machine vision will have already identified the cause, and may also be programmed with the instructions on how to resolve the situation effectively and efficiently.

Recognizing and Labeling Objects and Patterns

Recognizing objects and patterns has many applications: automatic medical diagnosis (health care), defect reduction (manufacturing), pest infestation prediction (agriculture).  Furthermore, machine vision can assist security with the identification of other employees in large-scale businesses. Even if an employee badge is partially damaged, the AI technology will be able to scan the barcode, ensuring that no one with a fake badge will be able to enter where they’re not supposed to.


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