Integro Mentors a FIRST Robotics Competition Team

Integro Robotics competitionIntegro Technologies participated as a Mentor to the FIRST Robotics Competition, Team Roboto 447, of Madison County, IN. This weekend, they competed in the Indiana State competition against 31 other teams from across the State.

Students learned to design, build, and program a robot that can perform tasks automatically and by remote control. Their robots could pick up gears, hang them on a post, pick up and shoot balls at a target, and climb a rope. This event gives students real-life experience in engineering and team building in a fun and competitive environment.

Next year, Integro hopes to take a larger role throughout the season helping students develop automated machine vision functions. Congrats to Team Roboto 447 on a great year, and thank you for letting Integro be a part of the fun.

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