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Integro Turns 20: From a One-Man Shop to a Global Industry Leader

In 2001, Integro Technologies was a one-man operation. Today, Integro is recognized as a premier, machine vision integrator focused on AI, deep learning, robotics, and logistics, and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

As Integro turns 20 this year, founder and CFO Tom Campion remembers the early days of the company when he relied solely on referrals and “word of mouth” marketing.

“We didn’t have a website. Our jobs came from the idea of ‘we know a guy who knows a guy who can do that.’ We tracked our bills on Excel spreadsheets and designed our drawings on the early version of Mechanical Desktop,” said Tom. “Business tools have changed significantly since the beginning when I was operating out of my home as the only Integro employee. Now, we are able to connect to our customers anywhere in the world using Microsoft Teams. It’s truly astonishing.”

Tools of the machine vision industry have dramatically improved over the last 20 years as well.

“We are so fortunate to collaborate and partner with our suppliers all over the world that have specific expertise in cameras, lenses, robotics, deep learning, and more,” said Tom. “We are able to design and implement solutions for our customers that are precisely tailored to their vision inspection needs. Our customers get the data from our systems to ensure quality products and prevent recalls.”

Since 2010, vision inspection sales in North America have increased 16% on average per year, according to Grandview Research. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic experienced around the world, this growth is expected to continue in North America, driven largely by the manufacturing climate in the United States.

“We see no signs of machine vision slowing down,” said Tom. “If anything, we are seeing an increase in the need for vision inspection technology to improve manufacturing production and keep workers safe.”

During the past 20 years, Integro has been awarded key industry honors including System Integrator of the Year (Control Engineering Magazine) and the Innovator’s Award (Vision Systems Designs) as well as numerous Integrator of the Year and Partner of the Year accolades from vendors and suppliers.

“Celebrating 20 years in business is significant for our company, and we are very proud to have reached this milestone,” says Shawn Campion, President of Integro. “We are incredibly grateful to our talented and hardworking team members who have helped shape our company into what it is today. Our vision, logistics, robotics, AI, and Data Analytic capabilities continue to propel us to the forefront of the industry. Because of our highly skilled and diverse team, we are on the precipice of the next technology revolution.”

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