Logistics Expedites Inbound Receiving

Productive distribution centers around the country have something in common: inbound logistics. E-commerce has increased demand on warehouses to the point that manual work by itself is no longer feasible. Logistics facilities need fewer errors and greater processing capabilities to keep operating costs low and maintain profitability. Modern shipments of inbound product require an efficient receiving process, and logistics solutions are the answer that warehouses are turning to. Inbound logistics solutions consist of:

  1. logistics warehouseAutomated receiving-We install hands-free Cognex barcode scanners with a 99.9% accuracy rating at the receiving dock. When installed using an overhead configuration, barcode scanners significantly increase the rate at which manual operators can unload product. Additionally, inbound scanners help catch inventory errors before proceeding further into the facility.
  2. Package categorization-Inbound shipments often contain packages of varying shapes and sizes with unique storage requirements. Manual categorization is both time-consuming and susceptible to error. At Integro Technologies, we install sophisticated imaging solutions that measure and categorize inbound shipments upon arrival. This logistics solution will greatly reduce operating costs and improve overall inbound efficiency.
  3. Product verification-Manually checking inbound product with supplier manifests takes time. Using barcode and dimensional scanners, distribution centers will reduce the time spent on verifying inbound shipments. Automated verification systems are also much less prone to error, and increase transparency in the supply chain.

At Integro Technologies, we install advanced logistics solutions individually designed for each facility. These systems lower operating costs and provide warehouses with the competitive edge they need to maintain profitability. The first step is having a state-of-the-art inbound logistics solution fitted for your facility. Inbound receiving will only increase as e-commerce continues to dominate the market, and distribution centers must invest in solutions that ensure their ability to process larger shipments.

To speak with us about inbound receiving logistics and how it will optimize your warehouse’s capabilities, contact us anytime.