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Machine Vision Automation – Moving You Into The Future

You can find automation in just about any working sector but the industrial arena has been on that has seen economic growth due to differing levels of automation. A machine vision-driven automation system is one that can expand business growth even more but it’s not something that is going to take place overnight. It takes planning and preparation that is multi-faceted but the rewards are worth the effort.

What A Machine Vision System Does

There are basics that are common to all machine vision systems. It makes sure the object is positioned correctly to be properly imaged and then captures that image with a camera. Once images are acquired, they are processed and any corrections needed are made. Depending on the image processing results it takes the required action and then sends that data either to other personnel or factory systems.

Here are the key elements:

  • The vision system
  • Delivery vector
  • Response system
  • Sensors – these tie it all together

Knowing What You Need

 Understanding what your company needs is crucial. What the machine vision system can do and its limitations need to be completely understood. For example, understanding the data that is to be processed, and in turn, imaged, is critical in choosing the right size image sensor. Things like the lighting in the area will affect the process so you may need special filters. These are just simple examples of things that need to be taken into consideration.  If you don’t take the time to thoroughly understand the process and your unique work environment the system cannot do the job correctly.

Integrating It All Together

Once you know what you need and understand what the system can do factory integration is the next crucial step. There will be employees who will be working with the system that will need to know how to use the system and integrate it within their own systems and workload. This is where we can help by providing the help you need to get your company moving with a machine vision driven automation system. Image quality is what it’s all about so you need the right system, camera, lighting and optics to make it all come together. Integro Technologies can meet all your needs and help you move into the future of machine vision automation.


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