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Machine Vision is the Future in Detecting Glass Jar Defects

It’s interesting to think that glass production should be a defect-free process, since it dates back to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, according to the History of Glass. As any glass manufacturer knows, producing glass is basically the same now, as it was in ancient times. It entails heating sand to “extreme temperatures, and then is allowed to cool down and be shaped into almost any form by either blowing or pouring in pre-designed molds.”

Common to many manufacturing processes, defects are an issue in the production of glass jars. Whether easily seen or not, defects can cause delays in meeting customer demands, and they can also damage a company’s reputation with recalls.

Glass Jar Defects: Minor, Major and Critical

An excellent visual aid from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows defects found in the manufacturing of glass containers, minor, major, and critical.

Minor Defects 

  • Chip in Glass
  • Stone in Glass
  • Pits in Surface of Glass
  • Sagging Surfaces
  • Thin Spot in Glass

Major Defects 

  • Bead or Bubble in Wall of Glass
  • Slight Feathered Crack in Glass
  • Slight Hairline Crack in Glass
  • Thin Spot in Glass, Evenly Formed
  • Blister or Elongated Bubble in Glass

Glass Jar Manufacturing to Compete, Comply and Efficiently Deliver Defect-Free Product

Operating without machine vision, glass jar manufacturers will find it hard to keep up with their competition, comply with safety regulations, and deliver the quality products their customers will demand.

Expected Growth of Glass Product Manufacturing

It does appear there is going to be a growing demand for glass containers. As reported on IBISWorld, “new construction projects and consumer spending on food and beverages are expected to lift the Glass Product Manufacturing Industry in the United States.” Of the industry’s four main categories, glass containers make up one of the segments.

Machine Vision is the Future of Glass Container Manufacturing

Product inspection is vital for every manufactured product. At Integro Technologies, we continue to bring machine vision solutions by combining our industry expertise with our strategic partners. When it comes to glass container manufacturing, we have the machine vision solution for “glass jar defect detection vision inspection.”

The future is exciting. Call to learn how the  team at Integro Technologies put will put your glass container operation on the technology-driven highway. You will increase your competitive edge while addressing glass defects and delivering defect-free products.