Machine Vision: Is Your Assembly Line Looking Toward the Future?

Machine vision systems can be programmed to meet specific needs and integrated into a facility’s existing systems and help in the assembly process in many ways. Machine vision systems have the potential to increase product quality and facility productivity. Modern machine vision equipment can look at even some of the most delicate details of a product and accuracy and respond based on the data collected.

What Can Machine Vision Do?

Advancements in high resolution and frame rate technology have made vision systems capable of working even in some of the most technical and fast-paced manufacturing processes.

Once they are correctly programmed, they can keep up with fast assembly lines, are better at quality control than humans, and make fewer operation errors. Because of this technological advancement, these systems can reliably capture information at high speeds of production, and there are many ways they can be used.

Here are a few examples:

  • Part selection
  • Analyze assembly processes
  • Inspect for errors and defects
  • Product and assembly tracking
  • Data collection and compiling

Error Reduction

One mistake in assembly can translate to massive losses in profit and productivity; the precision of machine vision can reduce errors and increase production. In the modern era, it is faster and more accurate at performing most functions than an employee. The right machine vision can find errors on a computer processing chip in seconds and take action accordingly.

A Safer Work Environment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries in manufacturing accounted for 15% of the total reported in 2019.

Machine vision systems can reduce the chances of injury by:

  • Lowers human involvement in dangerous manufacturing processes by operating the equipment in the place of a human
  •  Help keep workers from having to interact with hazardous chemicals
  •  Creates a more sanitized assembly line where human contamination of the product may be an issue

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