Machine Vision with the Super Power of Deep Learning Scales Up Your Production

AI’s higher intelligence is like having Superman join your quality inspection team. Imagine having the capability to scan 1,000 parts per minute! Machine vision equipped with deep learning can accomplish this task. That breaks down to inspecting one part in approximately six milliseconds. With machine vision having the capability to scan approximately 99% of all products, your production output can move to levels that you can only imagine without it.

Reduce Waste, Increase Quality Food Output

When you are dealing with foods, your goal is to get quality products out to your distribution channels and not have any return. Imagine only quality products shipping out. Imagine not having to credit back your customers. Imagine having satisfied customers that increase their orders. Integrating machine vision powered by deep learning, imperfect products get quickly removed from production lines. Safety, track and trace, labeling, packaging, and container integrity are all inclusive when you integrate our machine vision product.

Workforce Will Not Decrease But Increase

With production increasing to unrealized levels, your company will grow in staffing needs. Your current inspection crew has the opportunity to become highly trained that can lead to increased motivation. You will most likely grow your staff with highly-skilled technicians and engineers. Your administrative staffing may need to increase to support the additional production levels and customers. For many businesses, where technology is growing their operational functions, customer service is an integral organizational function that is also increasing.

Integro Technologies Helps You Realize Production at its Finest

You no longer have to imagine. The powerful intelligence that comes with deep learning delivers the future of machine vision into your hands.

Our highly-skilled team at Integro Technologies handles the entire integration process: setup, programming, installation, training and any debugging necessary.

Contact our team today and we will find a deep learning solutions that meets your needs.